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Rodney-StrykerRodney Stryker

Head Brewer

Growing up with a passion for creating, Head Brewer and Co-Owner Rodney Stryker put quality over quantity in everything he did. Graduating with his Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television Production, balancing artistic and technical values simultaneously was engrained early on. This balance easily translated to his brewing. Coming to Heathen Brewing with an obsessive homebrew background, he has proven that passion can trump experience if given the opportunity.

In 2008, a trip to Europe quickly turned from a film and literature history lesson to a change-of-heart stumble through German beer gardens and English pubs. Returning to the states with a thirst for knowledge of this newly appreciated trade, he began homebrewing. With a mundane day job as the driving force in the pursuit of brewing, he decided that his homebrew was more than a hobby, but an internal urge to create and define.

When Rodney is not flooding the walk in cooler, you’ll find him pursuing art projects with his wife, Brittney, skateboarding, and whispering sweet-nothings into barrels’ bungholes throughout Heathen’s sour program.