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Will-GraffWill Graff


As Heathen’s token young, white, male, Will fills a conspicuous void at the brewery and within the industry. And while this is a taxing role, his love for fermentation keeps him going. After brewing and fermenting for years at home, Will quit his short-lived career in the thriving print newspaper business – chronicling the lives of coastal Mainahs in Portland, Maine – and headed back west where he grew up. Seeking out a brewing job with no credentials other than an obsession with fermentation, Will landed a job at Heathen in May 2014.

When Will is not working at Heathen, he’s cutting his teeth in the packaging side of the business at Craft Canning + Bottling. Aside from beer, he enjoys hiking the northwest and road-tripping with his endearing wife, Katie, and Guido, the poodle. As an avid fermentationist, he dreams of making massive batches of sauerkraut and peddling it to the masses.