Operations Manager

In March of 1987, a phenomenon happened in Florence, OR. A baby was born and it was the first in history to come out of the depths of the womb with a full beard. Word quickly spread around the small community and the government would later kidnap that baby! After years of testing, the child was released back to his parents. It turns out the power of growing a quick beard was useless for the government.

Later in life Danny moved to Eugene where he mastered the art of the western grip hand job and started working as an Industrial Hygienist and Inspector for PBS Engineering and Environmental. After working there for nearly six years, an opportunity was presented to him to start working at Heathen Brewing. It turns out they needed a full time beard grower and someone to manage brewery operations. Danny quickly accepted the offer and moved to Vancouver in September of 2013 to begin his employment as a Heathen. His beautiful girlfriend, Gina, would stay behind until she finished school and would someday move to Vancouver to become Danny’s “Sugar Momma”.

Rodney originally introduced home brewing to Danny where it quickly became a passion. The two of them would later spend many hours brewing together and most importantly drinking beer. Danny’s love of beer and Heathen brewing was the reason to be hired as the first Heathen employee. After spending the first few months in the brew house, Danny now spends his time as Vancouver’s Heathen Distributor and much more!

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