Eric Belle

Lead Brewer

Don’t let that Chee-cah-go accent fool you. Eric is a native Californian. There. We just had to get that out of the way. But after almost 3 years of brewing beer at Rock Bottom in the heart of the Windy City, Eric returns to the West Coast with that accent as well as a no-bullshit Midwest sensibility that comes with braving subzero temperatures, 5 a.m. Bars, Red Line commutes and totally annoying Cubs fans. He adds this fresh perspective on life and brewing to a career that started at Pizza Port in San Diego and migrated to Bend, where he worked at Worthy Brewing Company. He learned about Midwest brewing styles and tastes, not to mention shots of Malort, which will really bring out the Chee-cah-go accent while burning a hole in your stomach. So when you meet up, yell “hey Eric, howzza bout dat Rizzo an’ Bryant? Let’s do a shotta Malort when dey win it again dis year.”

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