Mike-ScottMike “Thundercock” Scott


Mike has been with the Heathen team since Fall of 2013. He has a degree in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management from Berea College in central Kentucky, where he also minored in beer drinking. He began as an avid homebrewer and eventually worked his way into a part time cellarman position with Nantahala Brewing Company in Bryson City North, Carolina. In the Spring of 2013, Mike and his lovely wife, Magdalena, decided to move to the Northwest from the North Carolina mountains, and Mike has been brewing with Heathen ever since.

Mike draws many parallels between brewing and his background in agriculture, and often refers to himself as yeast rancher rather than a brewer. Mike enjoys brewing all styles from big, bold IPA’s and imperial stouts to delicate German style lagers. When not brewing at Heathen, Mike is usually brewing at home or thinking about beer production in some capacity. His syrupy Appalachian accent seems to soothe the yeast. His other hobbies include hiking and camping with his wife and two dogs, Barley and Scout, cooking meat on a wood fire, hunting, and archery.

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