Sunny-ParsonsSunny Parsons

Owner & Brewer

Sunny Parsons founder and Tribal Chief was brought into this world on a Sunny day in Hawaii back when there were only 110 craft breweries in the USA. Even as a new born Sunny knew that beer could be better than the mundane lagers that currently occupied the beer world. Though he has spent most of his life in Vancouver WA he still draws inspiration from his Hawaiian birthplace. Hence the Tiki was born in the form of a tattoo on his right calf and became the Heathen brand. He may not be an academic scholar, but he could be a common sense genius (when sober). Sunny believes there are no mistakes, just learning lessons in which tuition is paid towards absolute knowledge. “When you f–k it up you learn!” A love for travel and adopting the cultures of those worthy has been a lifelong exploration.

Sunny believes that food, beer and spirits define geography and customs of the people. Sharing those found experiences can be done with hand crafted ales and cuisine culminating in the creation of Heathen Brewing. A place to commiserate and celebrate is his goal for the pub. Was incredibly lucky to find an amazing and patient women that has co-navigated many adventures over the years. Jaime (wife and Wonderwomen stunt double) takes on the daunting task of scheduling family time so Drayden (son “DrayDog”) and Payton (daughter “Baby Girl”) get their Dad time. The day job as CEO and co-owner of a family owned & operated flooring business keeps him running between his two mistresses in Heathen Brewing and Cascade Flooring America. ADHD is his greatest strength and biggest weakness.

A self-proclaimed HOP HEAD, Poker Player, Foodie and adult beverage connoisseur that is always looking for new experiences. He is dabbling in Belgians, Sours and other amazing beers trying to acquire a more sophisticated palate. He thinks it is a little strange how the other Heathens all sniff bung holes and say how horse blanket is amazing? The “Sour” training wheels are on and someday he will be more than just a lupulin hunting Hop Head. Until then expect plenty of Hop Centric beers at Heathen.

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